Student Bursaries


The Riverside South Community Association has established a bursary fund aimed at providing financial assistance to students pursuing post-secondary education, who reside within the Riverside South Community, and have volunteered within the community.

A $500 Bursary will be awarded annually, to an individual in good standing who has made a significant contribution in volunteering, sports/club/arts participation, awareness and community involvement focused on residents of or physically located in Riverside South. The recipient must be accepted to or enrolled at a Canadian College, University or Trade School.

Bursary Selection Criteria

The selection committee will choose the successful candidate based on the following criteria:

●      Part-time or full-time high school graduates must be accepted or enrolled in an eligible institution (1st year of program);

●      Must be in good academic standing at time Bursary compensation;

●      Must be a resident of the Riverside South Community

Application Requirements

●      Submit a brief essay under 500* words describing yourself, your educational pursuit, your involvement within the community and why the bursary is important to you.

●      Complete the Application Form

Award Distribution

Riverside South Community Association will award the $500 bursary directly to the post-secondary institution and applied to tuition fees. Student number will be required. The award will be distributed in one full payment.


Application Instructions

To apply, please fill out the form below. Applications must be received no later than March 31st.