Spring Clean Up


This annual, week-long event towards the end of April is an excellent example of how multiple groups within our community can work together for a positive and common cause. Our neighbours, schools, volunteer groups, businesses all pitch-in by collecting debris and garbage that has been displaced or polluted throughout our community- from streets and parks to natural areas, and puts the collective rubbish into dumpsters organized by the RSCA and corporate sponsors.  

As part of the GLAD ‘Cleaning up the Capital’ campaign  the RSCA competes with the Findlay Creek Community Association (FCCA) for the Golden Trash Can award. To further help the cause, in 2018 the RSCA held a successful Spring Cleanup main-event, with several conservation information booths, City of Ottawa stakeholders present, fun activities for children, a barbeque- and yes, the RSCA won the Golden Trash award in 2018 (and hopes to defend its title in 2019)!


Get involved

Stay tuned for updates closer to the time, posted on our website, social media and outdoor signage regarding this activity.

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