Riverside South Planning Study

Today, the City formally circulated the proposed policy and zoning changes for Riverside South. The changes consist of deleting the existing Community Design Plan and replacing it with a Secondary Plan. The Secondary Plan will provide direction for the future development of Riverside South around the O-Train Line 2 stations. The changes also include a Zoning By-law Amendment to introduce better performance standards for the Community Core area. The direction will ensure the Community Core gets developed into a pedestrian and transit friendly environment with a mix of residential and non-residential uses.

Details regarding the Secondary Plan and Zoning By-law proposals can be found on the project webpage at: ottawa.ca/riversidesouthcdp

We welcome your comments on the proposals. Please send me any written comments you may have by email or feel free to give me a call.

Comments are due on: April 29, 2019.

Warm regards,

Emily Davies, MES-Plan, MCIP RPP Planner II Planning Policy Branch, Community Planning Unit Planning, Infrastructure and Economic Development Department City of Ottawa | Ville d'Ottawa 613.580.2424 ext./poste 23463

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