Public Transportation

Whether you are planning a trip to see family and friends or going to work there are several ways to travel to, and around, Riverside South. Using public transportation is convenient, cost effective, and environmentally conscious.


Park and Ride

Use OC Transpo Maps and Travel Planner to help plan your trip.

For residents and guests who drive there are several Park and Rides in the area, including:

●      The Riverview Park & Ride | Located on Earl Armstrong across from the shopping plaza

●      The Leitrim Park & Ride | Located off Leitrim road between Bowesville and Albion on Gilligan Road

For more information on OC Transpo services and routes, visit their website.

North-South Light-Rail

The Trillium Line is planned to extend 8 km southwards with four stations at South Keys, Leitrim, Bowesville, and Limebank in Riverside South.

The plan includes passing loops at South Keys and Leitrim, and grade separations at Lester and Leitrim. There are also two more stations being proposed along the existing portion of the line at Gladstone and Walkley.

This is part of the City of Ottawa’s LRT and the extension is expected to be completed for 2021.