Parks in Riverside South


There are several beautiful parks in Riverside South area that are accessible and open to the community. The RSCA coordinates semi-annual park and community clean-up initiatives in conjunction with the City of Ottawa Clean-Up events.

The parks and green-spaces in the Riverside South area are connected through trails and pathways within the Rideau Valley Watershed under the jurisdiction of the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority (RVCA).  The RVCA can provide more information about conservation and park maintenance under their management.


Claudette Cain Park

Located at 660 River Road

This park has a soccer field, many walking trails and a variety of play structures. There is also access to the Rideau River waterfront. A field house was built in 2009, and a splash pad opened in Claudette Cain Park in the summer of 2010.

Four Seasons Park

Located at 4386 Spratt Road

This park has a number of play structures, basketball courts, a water spray area, a baseball diamond, tennis courts, and a toboggan hill in the winter.

Mountain Meadows Park

Located at 3740 Mountain Meadows Crescent

This park has a number of play structures, shade structures, a water splash area, a soccer field and a skating rink in the winter.

Spratt Park

Located at 4191 Spratt Road

The park includes a soccer field, a multi-use paved area, and boarded rink in the winter.

Nimiq Park

Located at 5058 North Bluff Drive

The park includes a number of play structures, a soccer field, splash pad, and a large shade structure.

Boothfield Park

Located at 660 Boothfield Street

The park includes a walking track, year round boarded rink, splash pad, and a play structure.

Summerhill Park

Located at 560 Summerhill Street

The park includes tennis courts, a splash pad, play structure, seasonal boarded rink, and is conveniently close to a park and ride.

Rideauview Community Centre

Located at 4310 Shoreline Road

This park has a number of play structures, basketball courts, a shade structure, and a grassy field.

Riverside South Dog Park

Located at 814-824 Earl Armstrong Road

A small, fenced parcel of land beside the fire station is designated as an off-leash area for dog owners in Riverside South.