Letter to Councillor Carol Anne Meehan

Subject: City Council Agenda, April 10/19 item dealing with 3930 and 3960 Riverside South, Zoning By-law Amendment and Plan of Subdivision


Councillor Carol Anne Meehan,  


The Riverside South Community Association and residents would like to raise a number of concerns regarding the proposed development at 3930 and 3960 Riverside Drive:


  •  Traffic Congestion

  • Intersection Safety

  • Natural Habitat & Environmental impact


It has been well documented in the last week that the Hunt Club and Riverside intersection has already received an F grade by the city and is considered one of the most unsafe city intersections having the largest number of crashes in 2017 (most recent year for which statistics are available). It was disappointing to learn that the City’s Planning Committee recommended approval of the Zoning By-law amendment and Plan of Subdivision based on it meeting the requirements of the planning act.  It cited traffic congestion alone was not justification for not approving the application.  We believe a lot more should have been included with the approval of this development pertaining to road modifications to alleviate traffic congestion, safety concerns.  We urge council to defer its decision pending a review of these serious traffic and safety concerns including the impact this development will have in exacerbating the situation.  The proposed development should be approved by council when a plan is in place with the city to ensure better commuter traffic flow and improved safety measures at Riverside and Hunt club. All options for road widening, extended turning lanes, possibly a roundabout at the intersection of Hunt Club and Riverside Drive, or even an overpass for the main Hunt club intersection should be or should have been considered. It has also been cited that the approved city zoning was completed in 2010. The RSCA believes the traffic and safety issues for the area and intersection have changed significantly since that zoning was approved and with continued major development in the area south of Hunt Club and limited north/south roads the additional traffic pressure at this key intersection will only compound the existing problem.


In addition, the RSCA are concerned with the possible loss of natural habitat and landscapes on the development site. We would like to ensure measures will be taken to protect the wildlife corridor along the Rideau River and measures taken to mitigate the impact on wildlife resulting from this development. We would appreciate being included in future notifications on this development and obtaining any background reports. 


We would appreciate you giving voice to our concerns regarding this development application.


Thank you,  


Bruce Lindsay  


Bruce Lindsay

RSCA President

613 795-1608



Bruce Lindsay