Mosquito Creek


In 2017, the RSCA adopted an approximate 26 Km stretch of Mosquito Creek from the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority (RVCA). As a requirement of the adoption, and in partnership with the RVCA, on an annual basis we will be evaluating and monitoring the current state of the creek and reporting back to the RVCA as part of a formalized process.

In 2015, the RVCA’s ‘City Stream Watch’ program evaluated Mosquito Creek (which covers a watershed of 41 sq Km’s) and found 12 different invasive and 37 unique fish species, among other interesting facts and features of the creek.  In July 2018, the RSCA organized its first complete wade-through and evaluation with  the help of nearly twenty volunteers! In 2019 we hope to engage in:

·       Shoreline trails improvement

·       Springtime tree planting opportunities

·       Summer 2019 walk through


Get involved

Interested in supporting this program? Please email for more information, volunteer opportunities, or to offer expertise to help make a positive difference to Mosquito Creek.

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