Our Mission

The Riverside South Community Association (RSCA) is dedicated to the residents of Riverside South and strives to help maintain and develop a safe, healthy, and vibrant community.

Our Vision

The RSCA strives to maintain the well-being of Riverside South residents and provide current information about community services and activities.

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What We Do

RSCA is a non-profit organization, run by volunteers from the Riverside South community. Together the volunteer board manages the association and its responsibilities, and are committed to:

  • Providing support and coordination for community activities and resources

  • Creating a positive space for residents to participate in and support their community

  • Being financial responsible while delivering services and providing resources for residents

  • Being an advocate for Riverside South residents and their needs with all levels of government to make sure they are heard and understood

  • Promoting diversity within the community

  • Building sustainable community and business partnerships

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It’s time well spent

"There is something very special and rewarding about working with your neighbours to bring people together for fun events and programs. Time spent volunteering with the community association, is always time well spent. "

—Bruce Lindsay, RSCA President