Riverside South Emergency Preparedness Team


Riverside South Community is preparing to create an emergency preparedness plan to support our community when a crisis affects our area. Our ability to prepare and have a plan will support the City of Ottawa Emergency Plan in the event of a crisis, and will allow for resources to be used in areas of greater need as determined by the City of Ottawa.

We are looking for volunteers that can support:

  • Welfare checks

  • Supporting schools

  • First aid and light rescue operations

  • Debris cleanup

  • Neighborhood watch

  • Traffic support

  • Labour support (building sand bags, creating water runoff directional changes)

  • Opening up shelters and working with non-government agencies to support them

We are also looking to develop a list of resources that may be helpful in the event of a crisis:

  • Resources list (generators, heaters, portable ACs, construction tools).

Training will be provided.


Help Your Community

Please consider being part of our team and supporting your neighbourhood during a crisis.

Email: info@riversidesouth.org