Public Transportation

Whether you are planning a trip to see family and friends or going to work there are several ways to travel to, and around, Riverside South. Using public transportation is convenient, cost effective, and environmentally conscious.


Park and Ride

Use OC Transpo Maps and Travel Planner to help plan your trip.

For residents and guests who drive there are several Park and Rides in the area, including:

●      The Riverview Park & Ride | Located on Earl Armstrong across from the shopping plaza

●      The Leitrim Park & Ride | Located off Leitrim road between Bowesville and Albion on Gilligan Road

For more information on OC Transpo services and routes, visit their website.

North-South Light-Rail

The Trillium Line is planned to extend 8 km southwards with four stations at South Keys, Leitrim, Bowesville, and Limebank in Riverside South.

The plan includes passing loops at South Keys and Leitrim, and grade separations at Lester and Leitrim. There are also two more stations being proposed along the existing portion of the line at Gladstone and Walkley.

This is part of the City of Ottawa’s LRT and the extension is expected to be completed for 2021.


Community Centre and Services


The Rideauview Community Centre is the heart of our community. It offers a variety of great programs, day camps, youth drop-ins, and activities. The centre also regularly hosts events from other community-based groups, like Beavers and Sparks.

Members of the community can book the gym and meeting rooms for private functions by contacting the Rideauview Community Centre.

Phone: 613-822-7887
Visit: 4310 Shoreline Drive (at the corner of Shoreline and Spratt)

Visit the City of Ottawa’s website for more information on city-wide recreation programs.


Political Representatives

The RSCA is a non-partisan organization who advocates for the community with various municipal, provincial and federal officials and politicians. Below are some of the officials in the Riverside South area who can be contacted by residents to inquire for more information or express concerns about specific initiatives.


Carol Anne Meehan

City of Ottawa Councillor | Gloucester South-Nepean Ward 22

613-580-2424 ext 17022


Public Website

Pierre Poilievre

Federal Member of Parliament | Conservative

Phone: 613-992-2772
Constituency Office Phone : 613-990-4300?

Personal | Public Website

Goldie Ghamari

Provincial Member of Parliament | Conservative

Constituency Office:


Public Website

Schools in Riverside South

New to the area? Enroll your children in one of many schools in the area.


English Public – Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB)

The following are the designated Riverside South OCDSB schools:

English Catholic – Ottawa Catholic School Board (OCSB)

The following are the designated Riverside South OCSB schools:

French Public – Conseil des Ecole publiques de l’Est de l’Ontario (CEPEO)

The following are the designated Riverside South CEPEO schools:

French Catholic – Conseil des écoles catholiques de langue française du Centre-Est (CECCE)

The following are the designated Riverside South CECCE schools:



Parks in Riverside South


There are several beautiful parks in Riverside South area that are accessible and open to the community. The RSCA coordinates semi-annual park and community clean-up initiatives in conjunction with the City of Ottawa Clean-Up events.

The parks and green-spaces in the Riverside South area are connected through trails and pathways within the Rideau Valley Watershed under the jurisdiction of the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority (RVCA).  The RVCA can provide more information about conservation and park maintenance under their management.


Claudette Cain Park

Located at 660 River Road

This park has a soccer field, many walking trails and a variety of play structures. There is also access to the Rideau River waterfront. A field house was built in 2009, and a splash pad opened in Claudette Cain Park in the summer of 2010.

Four Seasons Park

Located at 4386 Spratt Road

This park has a number of play structures, basketball courts, a water spray area, a baseball diamond, tennis courts, and a toboggan hill in the winter.

Mountain Meadows Park

Located at 3740 Mountain Meadows Crescent

This park has a number of play structures, shade structures, a water splash area, a soccer field and a skating rink in the winter.

Spratt Park

Located at 4191 Spratt Road

The park includes a soccer field, a multi-use paved area, and boarded rink in the winter.

Nimiq Park

Located at 5058 North Bluff Drive

The park includes a number of play structures, a soccer field, splash pad, and a large shade structure.

Boothfield Park

Located at 660 Boothfield Street

The park includes a walking track, year round boarded rink, splash pad, and a play structure.

Summerhill Park

Located at 560 Summerhill Street

The park includes tennis courts, a splash pad, play structure, seasonal boarded rink, and is conveniently close to a park and ride.

Rideauview Community Centre

Located at 4310 Shoreline Road

This park has a number of play structures, basketball courts, a shade structure, and a grassy field.

Riverside South Dog Park

Located at 814-824 Earl Armstrong Road

A small, fenced parcel of land beside the fire station is designated as an off-leash area for dog owners in Riverside South.

Community Police Centre


The Community Police Centre for Riverside South | Located at Orleans and Cumberland

Address: 3343 St. Joseph Blvd.
Call: 613 236-1222 extension 3571

Community Police Centres are an essential part of the Ottawa Police Service (OPS) partnership philosophy and strive to be:

  • A primary focal point for problem solving in their assigned neighbourhoods;

  • A primary location of the community crime prevention initiatives and partnerships; and,

  • A hub for information dissemination and referrals.

The Community Police Centre mission is:

  • To provide an opportunity for the public to learn about the role of the OPS in their local communities.

  • To provide an important and direct link between the community and the OPS, creating an opportunity for ongoing communications between community members and police.

  • To provide opportunities for police officers to increase their involvement with the communities they serve.

  • To create mechanisms through which the OPS can consult with communities in an effort to create or adapt its services to meet the needs of the communities it serves.



●      For a life-threatening emergency, call 911 without delay.

●      For other urgent matters, like car accidents, you can contact the Ottawa Police Service at 613-230-6211.

●      To report a theft, property damage, dangerous drivers or traffic violations, call 613-236-1222 ext. 7300.

●      The Community Police Centre for Riverside South | Located at Orleans and Cumberland 3343 St. Joseph Blvd and can be reached at 613 236-1222 extension 3571

●      Community Police Centre Officer: Cst. Marcus Cibischino and can be reached by email at

●      Dial 311 on your telephone for the City of Ottawa Call Centre for things like garbage pickup, failed traffic lights, dog concerns, parking, graffiti and park maintenance.

Crime Prevention Ottawa


Crime Prevention Ottawa contributes to crime reduction and enhanced community safety in Ottawa through collaborative, evidence-based crime prevention.

Community Surveys

To help improve events, services, and programs, RSCA conducts surveys to help us learn more about what you want to see in your community as well as help us identify concerns and potential opportunities.

The following list outlines some of our completed and in-progress surveys.


Past Surveys

Riverside South Older Adult Survey
Report | Results (including graphs)

Riverside South Community Youth Survey

RSCA Needs Assessment
Report | Presentation

Ottawa Public Library Bookmobile


Bringing the Library to your neighbourhood

OPL’s Bookmobiles visit more than 20 communities each week. The vehicles operate Monday to Friday and travel all over Ottawa, to areas of the city that are not served by a branch.

Where: Rideauview Community Centre
Address: 4310 Shoreline Road

Visit the Ottawa Library’s website for more information about this program and for hours of operation.

Riverside South Emergency Preparedness Team



Next time Riverside South will be prepared – We have a plan!

The Riverside South Emergency Preparedness Team is launching an emergency plan to support Riverside South in the event of an emergency in the community.  One year ago the City of Ottawa experienced widespread damage and havoc caused by several tornadoes that touched down across the City.  This plan supports the City of Ottawa Emergency Plan in the event of a crisis, and will allow for resources to be used in areas of greater need as determined by the City of Ottawa.

Information on what individuals and the community need to do to be prepared for an emergency will be added to this site along with procedures and a framework of what and how available resources will be used in an emergency.

First step is to ensure you and your family is safe and have enough rations and supplies for 72 hours.


Get Involved

At RSCA, we are always looking for ways to bring the community together.


Volunteer opportunities

From running programs to organizing events, and so much more, we are always looking for new volunteers.


Find a Program

With so many programs running year round, there are plenty of ways to enjoy your time in Riverside South.


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